Going through a split during the holidays . . . a reflection

Poignantly . . . I’m sitting in a coffee shop recently looking at my sweet husband and daughter and remembering, eight or so years ago around the holidays being in the midst of splitting with my then-husband (now ex) and having to pull over in the car as “Landslide” began playing on the radio to sob and sob. And here is the song again, different singer but much the same arrangement and I’m trying to reach back through time to that sobbing young woman and tell her: “I’m so sorry, but it’s what needs to happen, crappy as it feels now. You will have a whole new life in less than a decade’s time, and a richer, fuller perspective from this and other sorrows. You will have sweetness again, and more importantly, you will taste it and appreciate it fully, knowing it’s ephemeral, but at the same time substantial, significant, healing.”

Time makes you bolder, and children get older, and I’m getting older too.

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